5 great gift ideas for your friends and family members for this Diwali

5 great gift ideas for your friends and family members for this Diwali

The festival of light is around the corner and you must be very excited about meeting your friends and relatives. But the most important part of gifting your loved one with a token of love is something you would be jumbled up with. You can find n number of items in the world to gift your loved ones and that makes the choice a gift that can stand out of the ordinary ones. Although I will suggest you some of the unique and perfect gifts for your loved ones before that let’s understand why gifting is a tradition in Diwali.

Diwali is a festival that brings each and everyone close to their loved ones regardless of cultural differences & busy schedules and gifting make this a better way to strengthen the relationships. The tradition of gifting has seen a lot of variations over the years. Let’s check out some of the gift ideas for Diwali that are handpicked from different categories.

1. Dry Fruits and Chocolates

Dry fruits and chocolates are the most subtle and perfect gift for Diwali. A box filled with a whole lot of sweetness and love is what this gift feels like. Presentation matters here; you can choose different ways like putting them into a jar and covering it with red velvet or putting it into a box of glass and decorating it from top to bottom. You can also make a hamper filled with dry fruits and chocolates.

2. Diwali Special Sweets

No festival is complete without sweets aka ‘Kuch meetha hojaye!’ From younger to older, everybody loves sweets so, Diwali Sweet hampers are the perfect gift for the sweet lovers. Gift your loved one with traditional Indian sweets such as Kaju Katli, Kaju Roll, Badam Burfee etc.

3. Candle Stand

Diwali decoration is all about lights, and your relatives and friends must need a place to put their candles. Let’s help them out by gifting one. While buying a candle stand keep in mind the décor of your relatives’ room and choose some artistic and creative accordingly.

4. Diwali Pooja items

Everyone does have the Diwali pooja items at home and by gifting the same things you may increase the burden. So, rather than gifting the mainstream items of Diwali pooja buy something that is different and useful top. A pooja thali decorated with lilies and roses; you can also include the Ganesh and Lakshmi idols.

5. Books

What’s better than a book for that one friend who is a bookworm. Just track down the person’s favorite author or genre and gift them accordingly. A book can never be forgotten because with a book you impact a person’s mind and lifestyle.

Though finding a gift is a tricky, confusing, and doubtful process but a little creativity and thoughtfulness can make it untiring and exciting too. Always remember to keep your friends and family members in mind while selecting the gift for each and every one.

Have a safe and happy Diwali.